Joris snoepjes

We zijn erg blij om u de Joris snoepjes voor te stellen die wij u aanbieden in een prachtige snoepkubus.

Zoetwaren Joris is een monument in de geschiedenis van de Belgische zoetwaren, opgericht in 1938 in het Brussels Gewest, dat al vier generaties zoetwaren van uitstekende kwaliteit aanbiedt, met respect voor traditie en handmatige productiemethoden, door ingrediënten van optimale kwaliteit te gebruiken.

Zoetwaren Joris is een van de weinige bedrijven die nog steeds ruwe gom-arabisch als grondstof gebruiken. We vinden ook anijs dat verwerkt is in sommige recepten en vlierbessen waarvan bekend is dat ze de keel en neus verlichten in geval van verkoudheid.

U vindt onze Joris-banketbakkerijen hier:


Joris snoepjes

Jules Destrooper Biscuits

We are very proud to be the privileged partner for the Jules Destrooper Biscuits, renomated and delicous cookies.

A business gift from Jules Destrooper is always a hit with your clients. Everyone will enjoy our 100% natural ingredients.

In 1886, Jules Destrooper baked his first almond thins as an amateur baker. He initially sold this biscuit to a nearby hotel, which gave it to guests as a business gift. The tasty razor-thin biscuit was an immediate hit with the hotel’s international clientele.

Nowadays their biscuits are typical Belgian products, which are still produced in West Flanders. But the Jules Destrooper range represents much more than just an end of year gift;  All their products are made with 100% natural ingredients. We do not add any preservatives, flavourings or colourings. Our ingredients, such as Irish summer butter, Valencia almonds, Belgian chocolate and so on are expertly selected to guarantee only the best quality.

A business gift from Jules Destrooper is always a hit. We produce our biscuits for everyone.

Jules Destrooper Biscuits

Leonidas chocolade pralines

Belgium’s favourite praline

Thanks to our privileged partnership with the famous company Leonidas we can offer our customers the freshest, delicious Belgian Leonidas chocolate pralines .
The tins are printed by us in our company.  This makes it easy to show you a model before production.  Are you looking for a corporate gift or a celebration? These delicious chocolates, packaged in a box with your logo is the perfect gift for any occasions.

For more than a century, giving has been making people happy. Leonidas Kestekides and his Greek family paved the way for a real Belgian chocolate revolution. Leonidas started out as a single shop with a sliding sash window and evolved into a brand experience with boutiques all over the world.

Throughout the years, you could taste surprising ganaches, intense pralinés and creations made from other heavenly ingredients. The Leonidas range is constantly changing and expanding, but, even after 100 years, there’s one slogan that has stayed the same: Leonidas pralines are for everyone.

Curious to find out how Leonidas Kestekides made the switch from granita seller to the founder of a revolutionary Belgian chocolate brand?

Discover the Leonidas story

Leonidas chocolade pralines