Jules Destrooper Biscuits

We are very proud to be the priveleged partner for the Jules Destrooper Biscuits, renomated and delicous cookies.

We have a range of Jules Destrooper Biscuits products.  We print the tins in-house.


A little bit of History of Jules Destrooper Biscuits :

On 8 August 1885, a young baker named Jules Destrooper opened a bakery in Lo. He also was a colonial trader, peddling exotic wares from Africa and Asia in his shop, such as coffee, tea, tobacco and chocolate. He started to use the exotic spices in his shop in a razor-thin Almond thin Jules Destrooper decided to dedicate himself to the production of these tasty biscuits

Buoyed by his first success, Jules Destrooper added a second biscuit to his range in 1890. The Butter Waffle or “Lukke” is a West-Flemish natural butter waffle that is traditionally baked around the New Year and is supposed to bring good luck. Jules decided to bake them in waffle irons with diagonal diamonds, which he had adapted to his own technical requirements. He began to export to France.That same year, Jules Jr took over at the company’s helm. The biscuits became ever more popular and he exported to the United States. Jean and Hubert, his two children, took over the company as of 1956 and further developed the distribution side. They added new classics such as the Butter Crisp and Caramelized Biscuits. They also introduced new technologies.

The fourth generation : Patriek and Peter Destrooper acquired the Biscuiterie in 1984 and worked on expanding and automating the original factory in Lo. In 1986, they opened a second factory in Ieper. Jules Destrooper became an official supplier to the Belgian Court, an exclusive honour for suppliers with an impeccable reputation.

In 2015, the Vandermarliere family acquired the independent, family-owned company. However, the company continues to bake biscuits according to the secret family recipe developed by Jules Destrooper.

Jules Destrooper Biscuits

Leonidas pralines

Leonidas pralines are highly reputated.

Thanks to our privileged partnership with the famous company Leonidas we can offer our customers the freshest, delicious Belgian Leonidas chocolate pralines .
The tins are printed by us in our company.  This makes it easy to show you a model before production. 

Business gift for your customers and business partners. These delicious chocolates, packaged in a box with your logo

The history of Leonidas:
Leonidas is a Belgian chain that sells mainly chocolate and pralines. This chain consists internationally. The chain sells fresh chocolates, ice cream, confectionery, marzipan and decoration. Most known are the Leonidas’ famous Belgian chocolates.

Before World War II Léonidas Kestekides founded several cafés in Belgium. The first branches were in Blankenberge, Brussels and Ghent. In 1985, international expansion began under former CEO Jean Daskalidès.

Leonidas name comes from the founder of the company. When Kestekides’ nephew Basile Kestekides took over the business from his uncle, he named it in honor Leonidas. Leonidas is also the name of a Spartan king, hence the logo and the font in which the word Leonidas is generally depicted on the packaging of the chocolate making

Leonidas is warrant holder of the Court of Belgium

More info :  www.leonidas.be



Leonidas pralines

Belgosweet video

Belgosweet video : Belgosweet, a sure way to please

Thanking your clients or collaborators with chocolates is a classic technique but one that continues to prove effective according to all surveys carried out on the matter. Managing Director of Belgosweet, Guy Desseaux explains his company’s strategy for seducing business clienteles of all sizes.

Belgosweet has become a well known supplier of B2B chocolates and sweets with logo.  The specialist on the matter.

We deliver in teh whole world the most famous belgian chocolates (Leonidas, Godiva, Guylian) and biscuits (Jules Destrooper) and also sweets and other confectionery.

Even Bio and Fairtrade are in our range of products.

Regional products : Macarons of Paris, Cuberdons of Belgium, Gavottes of France,

Furthermore Mentos, Jelly Belly, Haribo

And if you want something Healthy : the Apples with your logo http://www.belgosweet.be/shop/promofruits/red-green-apple-your-logo/

Since 1988, the founder of BelgoSweet has been passionately creating Belgian chocolates and sweets with the logos of companies,  Our team is specialist to deliver to you high quality goods conform to your wishes.

ldeal for events, fairs and seasonal corporate gifts.
BelgoSweet works primarily with Belgian suppliers known for the superior quality, such as Leonidas, Jules Destrooper and recently Godiva has become our newest privileged partner in business gift chocolates.

We also have following brands in our product range : Mentos, Jelly Belly, Guylian, PaperMints and CoolCaps.

Furthermore we have   Bio Fairtrade products (chocolates, cereal bars, sugar) and local specialties such as Belgian Cuberdons, French Gavottes and Macarons Parisiens.


BelgoSweet produces sweets for more than 500 enterprises anually, at home and abroad.

Most satisfied. customers corne back regularly.


Our strength is the fact that we print in-house.  Metal tins with your logo, Macarons, Mentos and mini chocolate lentilles are printed by our team.

We also have a printer for labels.  This gives us the opportunity to show a picture of the finished product to our customers even before real production is launched.

Belgosweet video