Trade Fairs will be present at the following Trade Fairs at home and abroad. List shown below.

Visit us at our booth!

For us it is always a pleasure to welcome you to our fairs, both in Belgium and abroad in order to present you our latest products.

Come along and be advised by our professional sales staff.  Our products are  reputable and high-quality chocolate and confectionery and this can be combined with YOUR LOGO

Leonidas, Godiva, Guylian, Chocopolis Jules Destrooper, Mentos, Jelly Belly and regional specialties such as Belgian Cuberdons / noses, Calissons Provence and Macarons we printed in our own company with your logo.

Give us a call and we inform you at what booth we are at the trade fairs.

Guy BAPP Promgifts beurs 2017


We are always searching for that particular product that makes a difference, with which you can surprise your customers and business contacts.

Belgosweet THE specialist of personalized chocolates, candies and cookies from the best brands.

And considering we print a number of products ourselves we can deliver quicker.

This is what BelgoSweet stands for… just a little higher quality, slightly better, slightly faster

Our many re-orders show that our customers appreciate our beautiful products.

And that is why we do it, of course, because a satisfied customer always returns.


name start date end date


name start date end date
Prom Z Live Rotterdam 10/05/2017 11/05/2017
Marke(ding) Luzern Switzerland 16/05/2017 17/05/2017
Pack & Gift 2017 Paris Porte de Versailles 21/06/2017 22/06/2017
Affaire de Cadeaux 2017 Porte de Versailles Paris 14/11/2017 16/11/2017

Join Us at
Prom Z Live Rotterdam

to 10/05/2017
from 11/05/2017

Join Us at
Marke(ding) Luzern Switzerland

to 16/05/2017
from 17/05/2017

Join Us at
Pack & Gift 2017 Paris Porte de Versailles

to 21/06/2017
from 22/06/2017

Join Us at
Affaire de Cadeaux 2017 Porte de Versailles Paris

to 14/11/2017
from 16/11/2017