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French box of 4 to 12 macarons

French Box of 4 to 12 Macarons personnalised as a business gift

You can have an assortment macarons in a Box 4 – 12 Macarons.

Our macarons personalized as business gift are a strong communication product for your events.

You can choose between an assortment of 12 colours and flavours (100% natural colours).

It is the perfect gift for your Easter gifts, on fairs, meetings or anniversaries.

You have to store them at normal humidity level and stable temperatures between 12°c and 18°c.

Furthermore,the self life of our macarons is 3 months.

According to EEC legislation art. 3.1, the name of the seller

Finally, you can have your order in 20 working days after approval of artwork.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

  • Catalogue Number


  • Dimension

    different sizes

  • Minimum Order

    50 pcs

  • Order Delay

    ± 20 working days after approval of printed copy

  • Units Per Kg

    12 g / marcaron

  • Price

    1,50€ – 5,50€

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